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Hi, I'm Dani...

If you’ve landed on this page, something about my life (or my writing) has intrigued you to be here… Welcome! 


Ever since I was a little girl I have had a passion for writing. I wrote short stories, diary entries and poetry – one of my poems even landed up in Nelson Mandela’s hands, and I got invited to meet him in Mozambique where the French President at the time was presenting an award – but more about that later. 


I graduated with an overall distinction in Journalism, but I’m really not here to give you my credentials… I’m just here to tell you my stories. My family has always said I need to write a book, but that is a pretty daunting thought, so instead I have decided to create a blog with “chapters” of my life…  maybe one day, I’ll string it all together. 


So here are a few things about me you might like to know: 


My dad is Greek and my mom is South African, they met on a famous Greek cruise ship that they both worked on called the Oceanos (which now lies at the bottom of the sea) – I’ll go in to more detail about this somewhere down the line ;)


I have a massive family in true Greek style – I have 4 brothers (I'm the eldest), 3 dads (Yes, it is very much like Mamma Mia:) & 2 moms… oh, and literally the best grandparents in the world – I live on their property in my very own little bush cottage, they have a lodge called Elephant Walk Retreat situated on the Kruger National Park at Crocodile Bridge Gate (The most Southern Gate of the Kruger National Park)


I have bats and badly behaved Vervet monkeys for (not very tame) pets, 3 cats, a bulldog pup, and my neighbours are elephants, a waterbuck family and grumpy buffalo bulls, who like to wallow in the river in front of my house… Oh, and occasionally we have some (sometimes) very hungry, fat lions that like to pay us a visit- They’re my favourites. 


I run my business from here, Safari Creators. I put together tailor-made itineraries to Southern and East Africa for clients. I also do the sales and marketing for Elephant Walk Retreat


Even though, I live, (in my opinion) in a pretty remote little corner of the world, I still travel whenever I can. 


I have a severe case of the travel bug/wanderlust… whatever you want to call it. 


Before settling down on the Kruger National Park, I lived in Aspen, Colorado; Miami, Florida, and worked on cruise ships (Royal Caribbean International) for two and a half years.


I’ve visited 56 countries in total, and still have so many more on my bucket list! 

Happy Reading! :) 


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